Monday, April 13, 2009

Make your own Toaster Strudel

At my home, we love the Pillsbury Toaster Strudel but not the price. I will only buy it on sale and hopefully with a coupon. Even then, it is still not cheap. So, when I saw a post about Hot Pockets on Jane's Blog I got to thinking about how to make my own in a Thrift-Worthy way.

Recently, there was a great sale on Pillsbury canned breakfast products and I stocked up. One of the items I stocked up on was the Crescent Rolls - which we LOVE! I used them with some homemade Blueberry Jam to make my version of the Toaster Strudel.

$0.00 : Crescent Rolls (actually a moneymaker during the sale)
$0.00 : Blueberry Jelly (homemade from blueberries given to us, we just had to pick and can them)
$0.00 : Butter (free during another sale)
$0.00 : Powdered Sugar (I paid $.35 for a box during a sale, and used only a Tablespoon

Really, other than time and power, these cost nothing to make. Granted you only get 2 strudels per little can, but you can make these smaller for bite-size snacks.

You will need:
softened butter (optional)
canned Crescent Rolls(this was the tiny 4 count) or make your own flaky pastry dough
fruit jam/jelly
powdered sugar
vanilla flavoring
water or milk

Step 1 - Lightly flour your work area and open the Crescent Rolls and unroll. Using your hands, seal the seams in the crescent rolls and stretch the dough a little.

Step 2 - (optional) Spread a thin layer of butter on the surface of the dough

Step 3 - Cut the dough in half cross-wise (not length-wise).

Step 4 - Spread about 1.5 Tablespoon of fruit jam/jelly onto each half. Stay about half an inch away from the edges. You can add more or less fruit according to your taste, but be careful not to put too much or you will have a mess.

Step 5 - Fold each piece in half and use a fork to seal the edges.

Step 6 - Bake according to the Crescent Roll directions.

Step 7 - Cool on a wire rack, then line a baking sheet with wax paper, layer the pastries and freeze. Once frozen, remove and package into Freezer Bags.

To reheat - place in your Toaster Oven for 5-7 minutes, just like the real Toaster Strudels add topping and enjoy.

To make Topping:

1 Tablespoon Powdered Sugar
1 Tablespoon water
mix together, add dash of vanilla for flavor
add water as needed to mix to correct consistency.
Drizzle over hot pastry and enjoy.
(Milk can be used in place of the water for a richer topping. But if you make a large batch of topping ahead of time, remember that milk will spoil)

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